December 14, 2016

The Mystery


Here at Mystery Mattress we found the best made, best feeling, and best value of any memory foam mattress on the market.

The conundrum is, we can’t tell you the name brand it is at the price we are selling it for. Crazy?! We know! Mystery Mattress started from me. I started a successful local furniture store located in Dayton, Ohio named Dayton Discount Furniture. We now are expanding into the mattress direct to your home business. Many companies are getting into this business and creating their own mattresses. The problem is, most of these new companies are not mattress experts. They are not even 5 years old, they are selling a brand of a mattress that they have created out of thin air, with almost no research. Okay, we are a young company too, but we are giving you a name brand mattress from a company that was established in 2008.

Each company puts a dollar value on their name brand, because of this, a product could cost 5 times the actual cost to the consumer. We have negotiated a deal that we will not use their name brand to sell the mattress. So we are simply calling it: Mystery Mattress.


Here are some reviews from some customers who sleep on a Mystery Mattress

 Great mattress with less chemicals

Size: Queen

We ordered this mattress after doing a lot of research. We wanted a “green” memory foam mattress that had less off-gassing, and the use of less toxic chemicals. Although this may not be the most natural option (latex probably is), this isn’t a bad option for less chemicals and a greener footprint. It is very comfortable, and we both sleep great on it. Very happy with our purchase.

Best Bed I have found!!!

Size: Cal King

I have been very impressed with my bed. I was having back problems and I had tried a couple different beds, including a memory foam bed that I bought from Costco. I had also been to chiropractors and physical therapy and had a MRI to find out that there was nothing the doctors could do to solve my back problem.They were knowledgeable and friendly and took the time to find not only the right bed for me but the right pillow as well. They were fantastic to work with. I received my bed a few days later and it took a couple weeks of sleeping on it to get use to it, but after a couple weeks my back problems all but went away. I still have the occasional twinge, but it is drastically better. I would highly recommend this product and I will definitely go back for any other mattress or pillow needs that I have.
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